Hackers use the SK virus hysteria to spread malicious links

in china •  2 months ago 

And, hackers have taken advantage of media coverage of the Corona virus, and have been accompanied by international concerns to arrest people after downloading malware, and cyber security experts have warned that some malware links appear as articles or videos about the spread of the virus The Festoon Corona are actually a trademark . Malware is designed to steal personal information. Pirate malware combines videos and photos in articles and posts in a legal way in files to hide malware between them. When you click on these links and download them to your phone or computer, hackers can access the stored information and use it again. The Corona virus attracted great attention from the media due to the fact that it killed more than two hundred people and infected nearly 10,000 other people, and still has no vaccine or treatment. Social media floods fake news and misinformation about the virus. Facebook, Google and Twitter have issued specific measures to address this issue, but criminals secretly use hysteria and intimidation to deceive internet users. "The Coruna virus, which has been widely discussed as a major news story, has already been used by cyber criminals," says Anast Ivanov, an analyst at Kaspersky Antivirus. To avoid the risk of harmful links, cybersecurity experts are advised to go directly to an official or trusted source, and one of the main ways to identify malware is to terminate the link address, if any. You have an extension other than docx. , .Pdf, or .mp4, it may be illegal, and documents and videos should not be created in .exe or .lnk bats.

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