The Butt For Real : Happy B-day Buttcoins

in dtube •  10 months ago 

Well my steemit b-day hit right at the HF21/22 break down. So i tried for 2 days to load this vid. But alas... we are back.

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Hey man, happy birthday. Glad to see you keeping it real.

I was just thinking about you and you popped into my comments... magic!

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  ·  10 months ago (edited)

Happy birthday buddy. 2 years brother! Who would have thunk it.

Good luck with the Lago tribe. Are you putting out an explanatory post about it soon? Like, is it for content about traveling South/central America? No pressure, just curious.

I've been on serious steem downtime recently. The creativity hasn't been following for the longer writing so I've turned myself into a haiku guru 🙄😂

Great video btw, I've not been in discord for ages, as I've been away in the countryside decompressing, but I popped in yesterday and saw the ddaily vlog competition... maybe I'll give it a go. It's been a while since I made a video 📽️

Yeah man. I’ll give more information about lago soon. We are still working on kinks. But yeah it will be noche tribe for Guatemala content. Mostly an onboarding mechanism through my hotel at first... getting folks to join and spend lago’s in Hostel Del Lago. So it’s unique in that it’s designed for a localized ecosystem and not for the whole of steem.

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Definitely good to have you back lol, that reaction is priceless 😂


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Happy Birthday oops Butt day haahah :D


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Happy B-day in Steemit bro!!!

So Happy Birthday Buttcoins

Thank you brother!!

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Yeah, it's easy to bitch. That's true. I see it as a human experiment: the steemit thing.

What are your questions? What are your proposals for making this other than bragging about the usual?

Shake hands, I reach my two years on Sep. 17th.

Have fun with the Lago tribe. :-D

Erika from Germany

P.S. Nice kids! Yours?

Im not sure how to respond to your question.
Yes... I am following a common practice of highlighting my steem bday. I do the same type of posts when I hit various markers on steemit. Ie. Reaching 60 rep. Reaching 1000 followers, yearly steemit birthday posts. When I hit 2,000 followers, 70 rep, and 3rd steem b-Day... for sure I will make posts highlighting those moments.
I don’t personally see it as bragging though.... but I can see how one could perceive it as bragging, at its core it kinda is... but to me it’s fairly healthy/normal bragging.
If you are referring to our newly formed lago tribe. I’m basically just saying in the post that I get tired of the bitching and prefer action. So I have actioned my idea and created lago tribe. I am building it slowly but surely and have zero idea if I will succeed in the end. I just know I am trying.
I don’t see this as bragging either. I see this as fact of what I’m really doing currently.

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sigh... and LOL :D
communicating is sometimes a pain.

I was just referring to the sentence from your video and agreeing with you in which I said that bitching is easy and that was merely expressed again in the word "bragging". It wasn't directed at you, but at a general form of dissatisfied expression that exists here just as it does elsewhere. It might have been strange to read that without a text context, but I had just finished looking at your recording.

No offense.

Haha... I felt zero offense. I’m just obsessive in my desire for clarity. I often over explain in order to find clarity. Many understand my explanation as a defensiveness. But mostly it’s about wanting to be completely understood. It’s all rather futile... though I persist😂

HaHa! That's a funny contradiction. "Rather futile but persisting."
Thanx for the explanation.

Happy Buttday, birthcoins!

Happy ButtDay ;)

Happy Steem b-day bro. Dude, your hair grows pretty fast :)

Fast and spurious-ly grey 😍

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Thanks man!!

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