Bulding Bridges With Walls | Hostel Del Lago

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Sometimes being a good neighbor can be tricky ;-)
Over all I think the key is caring.
In this short clip you see our current construction project. A big wall. This wall is designed to buffer sound. We have DJ’s and Bands often and we are attempting to lessen the impact of our music shows.
Not that the Hostel Del Lago is some big party Hostal... I think a more accurate description would be we are a celebratory hostel. We enJoy enjoying the Joy around these parts.
And I suppose there are many interpretations of Joy... as one persons Joy can be another person bothersome noise in the night that doesn’t permit sleep.

Bridging this gap in perspectives and the grey area of both neighbors having the right to rightness..... is what brings us to this point that sometimes walls can build bridges.

Hostel Del Lago is a family owned hostel located directly on the shores of Lake Atitlan in San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala. This is one of the small villages surrounding the lake. Known as a ‘spiritual heaven’, San Marcos boasts a multitude of centers for meditation, Yoga, Reiki, alternative therapies and massage. It’s the kind of town that attracts a traveler who stays in one place longer.

Having traveled the globe and often been bee-bopping from place to place.... here in San Marcos we discovered a piece of paradise on this epic lake and so we planted some roots.
This has been a perfect place to raise our new family and call home.
We infused our passions for travel, food, art and yoga into Hostel Del Lago to create a peaceful and joyful ambiance to compliment the magic that is Lake Atitlan.

Within sight of the lake, guests can select from our extensive menu that merges the flavors of Guatemala with dishes from around the world.
And for our vegan friends, don’t worry we have plenty of options for you to chose from. Each day we host a social event, ranging from local bands, drum circles, karaoke, movie nights and more.


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