Hostel Del Lago - Off Season?!

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I love the low tourism season! As a traveler i actually tried to avoid places in the peak season. Here at Lake Atitlan the call the off season....The Rainy Season.... but to me this is inaccurate. Sure it rains. But normally only in the late afternoon. You tend to get all of the morning in bright sunshine. So yeah it raining... but more accurate would be to call it the Flourish Season, or Thrive Time. Cause its a jungle around here. All is in bloom, bees and birds and flowers and fruits....for me it is heaven. And that there are less people around is just a bonus. Some how with less people there is also more connection. You may ask someone where they are from cause you actually want to know...not just filling social verbal gaps.
So yeah... some how even amidst all the slowness and calm... some nights just fill up in that unexpected pleasant chill way.
Come have a peak at an off season night in Hostel Del Lago.
What is Hostel Del Lago?
Hostel Del Lago is a family owned hostel located directly on the shores of Lake Atitlan in San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala. It is one of the small villages surrounding the lake.
This little town of San Marcos has become known as a ‘spiritual heaven’, San Marcos boasts a multitude of centers for meditation, Yoga, Reiki, alternative therapies and massage.

Having traveled the globe, my wife and I discovered a piece of paradise here on the lake. The perfect place to raise our new family and call home. We infused our passions for travel, food, art and yoga into Hostel Del Lago. Creating a peaceful and joyful ambiance to compliment the magic that is Lake Atitlan.

Within sight of the lake, guests can select from our extensive menu that merges the flavors of Guatemala with dishes from around the world. And for our vegan friends, don’t worry we have plenty of options for you to chose from. Each day we host a social event, ranging from local bands, drum circles, karaoke, movie nights and more.

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