Nutbox Ambassador Application | Nutbox 大使计劃申请 | Permohonan Duta Nutbox | 너트박스 대사 신청 | Solicitud para Embajador de Nutbox | ナットボックス大使出願

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In November last year, I started seeing many Steem users posting about on my Feed. So I joined the Nutbox DeFi Wechat group to find out more about it.

I found that this is a very interesting DeFi project to start with, and it is developed by the core developing team of WhereIn, which gives me much confidence in it.

I started posting on Steem since 2017, and have never invested a single cent in it. With several generous Upvotes from @my-reader and other supportive whales, I gained enough SP in the early days to secure the minimum payout threshold of $0.01 for my posts, which made me stay put on Steem till this day.

Steem may not be the perfect platform for attention economy, but its operational structure presents an interesting case of Staking Finance (Stake-Fi). It is a pioneering work that started bold and has yielded some promising results as the community evolves over time.

What I see in is the enthusiastic and foresighted
core development team and the community. Though I'm no coder nor programmer, I give my best to participate in promoting, having presented proposal #6 and #7. I'm honored and thrilled to have participated in this promising project in its early days, which is a very fulfilling experience.

What Do I Need?

Growing a community is no one-man-show. I'm currently a professional academic translator. As an academically-inclined person, marketing, liaising and event-hosting are not my fortes. Therefore, I hope that there will be more fellow ambassadors in the Malaya-region to form an offline Nutbox team to host events and meetups.

What Will I Do?

Malaysians are becoming more and more accepting of cryptocurrency, probably just right behind Singaporeans. As the nation got stuck in the middle-income trap, many Malaysians are paying more attention to the booming field of DeFi.

Malay Translations

I will continue to provide Malay translations for official sites to facilitate the Malay-speaking community by providing convenience to Malay-speaking potential investors and users.

Provide FREE Trading Course

I can provide trading courses worth thousands of dollars for FREE to help attract more users and investors for It could be done online or offline as in seminars or meetups, details will be discussed with the core development team.

Hopefully in future, we can develop a decentralized community-run crypto-wealth management program based on Nutbox ecology.

Social Media Exposure

I currently run two Facebook Groups (1, 2) with over 10k members, and I will pin newest updates and progress of on these pages to gain exposure.

I've created a Facebook Page , a Facebook Group and a Whatsapp Group for They're growing slowly and hopefully they can all grow with time, bringing in more people to the Community.

I've also created a Nutbox DeFi Space on Quora and hopefully it can help in gaining some exposure and get more people aware of our project.