PNUT Market Capitalization hit $100,000 USD for the First Time in History! 花生币市值首次突破10萬美元大關!

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Yesterday (2021-01-23) the market capitalization of PNUT Trc-20 Token hit $100,000 USD for the first time in history!

Since genesis, the price of PNUT has maintained a steady overall growth despite the somewhat high inflation rate, resulting in its steady overall growth of market capitalization. This is mainly due to investors believing in its value and potential growth, and hopefully with the chain-crossing of Steem-Tron with Polkadot we will soon see the PNUT market capitalization hitting $1 million and $10 million soon.

昨天(2021-01-23),花生币(PNUT TRC-20 token)市值首次突破10萬美元大關!

自从创塊以来,盡管通膨率相当高,PNUT 的價格一直维持着稳健的整体上升趋势,造就了其市值的稳健增长。这主要是由于投资者相信其價值和增长潜力,希望随着Steem-Tron与Polkadot的跨链,我们很快将看到PNUT的市值达到 1百萬美元和 1千萬美元。


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