Proposal for ETH C2C to Join the Nutbox Ecosystem

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The drawbacks of centralized exchanges are numerous: such as abscondment, arbitrary freezing of user funds, smash trading with user funds, over-issuance of counterfeit coins... We have endured them long enough, and it's time to change.

Uniswap opened a precedent for decentralized trading! We discovered that we do have alternatives to centralized exchanges. What a wonderful thing! All of a sudden, the decentralization boom started.

As an important means of fund deposit and withdrawal, can it be decentralized? In other words, can smart contracts be used to do OTC?

Maybe it is worth trying. Without the disadvantages of centralization, the decentralized off-site is light and headstrong. There may also be risks, but it is necessary to take the first step. Eth C2C has made some attempts in this regard, and the effect is not bad.

Decentralization is a more friendly and acceptable paradigm, which will shine now and in the future!


A reliable over-the-counter trading rule, I think this sentence summarized the functions of ETH C2C. Everyone is equal before the rules established by the smart contract. Without the interference and intervention of a third party, the resistance of users will be much reduced and the sense of experience will be enhanced. Suffering from the disadvantages of centralization for too long, it is time to make some changes and try.

Everything must be done in accordance with the contract! ETH C2C solves the problem of centralization to a large extent, and also reflects the principle of fairness and openness in the rules. It is built on TRON and Ethereum and anyone can use it freely without complicated audits and restrictions. In many aspects, ETH C2C is an open world!

Whether you are an ordinary user or a developer, ETH C2C can provide some OTC solutions. The ETH C2C OTC contract has targeted all possible scenarios accordingly, and the overall design is still relatively sophisticated.

Benefits to the Community

ETH C2C has realized the over-the-counter trading of the PNUT and TSTEEM tokens in Nutbox. Different from the format of Justswap liquidity pool, ETH C2C directly adopts the format of C2C transaction, that is, the transaction of fiat currencies and tokens. **This can not only achieve the purpose of deposit and withdrawal, but also realize the transaction of minor tokens without slippage! **

Project Node

ETH C2C has been officially launched now!

Coins Supported

Currently, ETH C2C supports the trading of the four TRC20 tokens, namely TRX, USDT, ESTEEM and PNUT. More popular currencies will be added later, so stay tuned.

White Paper and User Manual

《White Paper》 《User Manual》

Fund Application

It is proposed to award 180,000 PNUT for this application for further development and expansion.



Independently developed by @lemooljiang, to jointly operate after integration into Nutbox ecosystem.