SEPTEMBER 11 1973 - CATO'S SPEECH (Chile)😌🇨🇱🚁👍🏻

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"Revolution 9 11" performed by Saluth
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Mi General Augusto Pinochet salvó a Chile con el Gobierno Militar.
Esta canción se la dedica un polaco.

It came not with a surprise
A Marxist demagogue
who could have known the outcome?
The Chilean nation on its knees
Its economy subjected to total control

The people are now rising
No more of loot and plunder
The truckers started striking
They'll paralyze the state
The March of empty pots
Thousand children crying
Socialists start to shoot
The carnage has begun

But the saviour is coming!

On the 11th September 1973
They came, bearing the torch of freedom
To overthrow the tyrant
Who starved the nation of his
To kill the communist bigots

Pinochet, Pinochet, Pinochet!

Guerillas came from Cuba
Young boys sent to die
For the Soviet masterplan
But the General is to save his people
There will be no mercy when freedom is at stake!

Bomb the presidential palace
The bastard shot his head
Round up the armed guerillas
Keep them shut at bay
Give back what has been taken
Remove the iron grip
Let every Chilean prosper
And trade for all they need

Freedom is finally here!

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