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ok if you say you are in san diego, I will believe you :) but why do i have a feeling you are in chile too? lol or do u just like pinochet?

lol u need to come to my discord dude https://steemspeak.com make friends with fyrstikken and supermeatboy u will fit in just dont be too 4chan we have investors to impress this bull run lol eos voice and such

You've been DOWNLOTUSed.

It's probably because you've used the #naturalmedicine tag and/or posted content on ‭https://naturalmedicine.io/‬ that was deemed inappropriate for some reason.

Firstly — do not take this personally; this is not a reflection or a judgement on your character. There is no failure, only feedback. Use this as the opportunity to improve the quality of what you are creating.

Secondly — this means only your LOTUS rewards will have been affected.

The most likely reasons could be:

  • Plagiarism (copied from elsewhere)
  • Content that has nothing to do with 'natural medicine'
  • Token-farming
  • Offensive material or content that is driven by hate with the express intent to cause harm or distress to others.
  • 💩posting
  • Failure to follow these posting guidelines

You’re invited to discuss this further in the #downlotus-appeals channel in our Discord server https://discord.gg/ecEBwJT