A Case Study on Growing Quora Space: Nutbox DeFi @ Steem, Tron, ETH, BSC, DOT 🚀

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Quora Space is a community-oriented feature that gives Quorans (Quora users) a place to get together and talk about shared interests. According to Quora, current Spaces have three primary uses: To allow a group of users to curate the most interesting answers and links about a particular area of interest,to organize their own writing into different sections and have shared conversations with each other.

Growing a Quora Space is of particular interest to its owner, as it brings attention to the topic, the cause, the brand or whatever issues the Space owner is advocating.


Nutbox DeFi has created a Space on Quora to promote the project to more crypto enthusiasts on 8th March 2021 (which happened to be the day that PNUT-TRX-Lp Liquidity Mining [Farming] was launched).


Initially, the Space views and number of followers of Nutbox DeFi Space increase sluggishly. But interestingly, as Space views cross 30,000 and followers reach 100, the pace of new followers joining speeds up. It's not sure whether it's a feature of Quora's algorithm or a common social phenomenon.

While various topics are allowed on the Space, cryptos-related questions and answers gain the most views.

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References 参考文献

Nutbox white paper

Nutbox Articles List ...... Nutbox文章列表 ...... 너트박스 기사 목록 ...... Senarai Artikel Nutbox

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