How To Back Up Your Twitter Account Using PocketNet, Gab And FLOTE!

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How To Back Up Your Twitter Account Using PocketNet, Gab And FLOTE!

We all know that Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter and similar platforms are run by people that suck and that sell our personal information to governments and corporations! Reupload every single Tweet you make in Yours.Org, SteemIt, Gab, PocketNet and well if you want to Tweet and participate in FLOTE at the same time just synchronize your accounts! Anarcho capitalism, minarchism, classical liberalism, nationalism, conservatism and Austrian economists should lead the way into victory in these platforms. Just back up important things; for example I will be doxxing terrorists from different platforms in many different ways. Gab is a very cool platform; BitChute is a very interesting project too! Just copy and paste whatever you want while different apps are opened; make sure to use Brave Browser and well also reupload videos from Telegram to LBRY in order to win LBRY Credits; anyways also will definitely be a very good social media platform in which tokens are distributed in a fairer way than in SteemIt; but it is less anonymous as they are forcing people to use their real names and well if you think about it they could be working with the Chinese, (((Israeli))), Russian or American government! Minds has a China problem; that is why I am not including it on the list!💛🖤👌🏻


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I'll do that soon! Thank you.

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